Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Information on this page is meant for Physicians.

Cardiac rehabilitation is an individualized exercise and education program designed to improve heart and health. Your Cardiologist or Family Physician will need to refer you.


Cardiac Rehab is a inter-disciplinary, collaborative team approach to assist persons recovering from a recent cardiac event through prescribed exercise and lifestyle counselling


Participants attend structured exercise classes twice per week for the first 3 months and once per week for the last 3 months of 6 month program. Program also offers yoga, resistance training, aquatics, group and individual education sessions


Presently housed in the YMCA in Oakville and in the Outpatient Rehabilitation Department at Milton District Hospital


Team work: medical director, physiotherapists, nurses, kinesiologist, dietician, social worker, trained volunteers, client and family

Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation recommends that cardiac rehabilitation should be the standard of care for patients with cardiac disease.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduction in mortality compared with usual medical care
  • Improvement in symptoms
  • Improvement in cholesterol profile
  • Improvement is blood glucose control
  • Improvement in psychosocial well-being and reduction in stress
  • Reduction/cessation in cigarette smoking
  • Improvement in exercise tolerance
  • Improvement in strength with resistance training
  • Improvement in flexibility with stretching exercises

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