An Echocardiogram is a diagnostic procedure performed by using high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to take images and measurements of different parts of the heart. Digital images are recorded and reviewed by one of our Cardiologists.

The test is performed by our specially trained cardiac sonographer. One of the Cardiologists may assist the technologist if there is a need.

You will be asked to change into a hospital gown. The test will involve placing an ultrasound transducer on the chest wall over the heart. Gel is used for better contact between the transducer and skin. This test is not painful and will take about an hour to complete.

Through our affiliation with Halton Healthcare Services we also offer Trans-esophageal Echocardiogram, 3D Echocardiography, as well as Contrast Echocardiography to improve image quality for difficult tests. These are specialized tests and the cardiologist will need to review the indication prior to arranging these investigations.

Preparations For Testing

On the day of the test, you can eat or drink as usual and should take all prescribed medications.

No special preparation is needed.

equipment_echo 3d ultrasound 3d echocardiogram