Information on this page is meant for Physicians.

Forms will need to be filled out by a physician and sent via secure email to the Oakville Cardiologists.

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has facilitated this valuable new tool for you to access specialist advice electronically in a timely manner without requesting a formal consultation. This is referred to as Electronic Consultation or E-Consultation. We have compiled a Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) that will give you more information and help you set up a secure email account with OntarioMD so that you can use this service.

An E-Consultation Requisition form is available for you to complete, save and attach to your email request. Email your completed form to:

Please note this email is used strictly for E-Consulation and not for any other correspondence.

E-Consultation Requisition

E-Consultation FAQs

OHIP Preamble