Exercise Stress Test

An Exercise Stress Test is used to assess the heart’s response to exercise. This is typically to assess for any coronary atherosclerosis or hardening of your heart arteries, but we can also use it to test for any abnormal heart rhythms. This is done by recording the ECG or heart tracing while you walk on a treadmill machine. While walking on the treadmill, the blood pressure, heart rate, and ECG is monitored continuously. Every three minutes the speed and incline of the treadmill is increased. You will be encouraged to exercise for as long as you can and the test is continued until the desired heart rate is reached or when you cannot exercise anymore. The test is supervised and interpreted by one of our Cardiologists.

Preparations For Testing

You may be asked to stop certain medications one day before the test. Please confirm this with your doctor.

On the day of the test, do not eat or drink anything for at least two hours before the test.

Please bring comfortable shoes and wear loose fitting clothes

exersice stress test